New personnel, products, and capabilities

Liberty, SC (November 13, 2020) – Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. announces the expansion of its supercapacitor operations and personnel to meet the explosive growth in applications for this rapidly evolving technology. The company’s supercapacitor strategy will be under the direction of their recently hired Business Unit Manager, Brendan Andrews, who previously led sales and marketing efforts for several of the major well-known brands in supercapacitors.

“Brendan brings to CDE an incredible amount of supercapacitor market insight and a keen perspective on how we can help engineers utilize this technology to develop solutions in their designs and products,” said Jim Faughnan, President of Cornell Dubilier. “We’re excited to have Brendan on board to accelerate growth, especially in our customized supercapacitor modules business. By offering application-specific solutions we will help our customers solve their energy-storage problems at a fraction of the space and cost of battery solutions.” continued Faughnan.

The company plans to introduce new products in the coming year, including cutting-edge LiC hybrid types, which offer higher operating voltages and greater energy densities. With their massive storage capabilities, supercapacitors bridge the gap between conventional capacitors and batteries providing instantaneous bursts of power that are problematic for conventional capacitors or batteries. These components are typically used individually or in series-parallel banks for power hold-up during brief interruptions to line power. In some applications, they supplement batteries or are used in place of batteries for applications as diverse as solar and wind energy harvesting, mechanical actuators, AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles), EV transportation power, smart utility meters, IIoT, pulse battery pack alternatives, memory backup, battery/capacitor hybrids, UPS systems, emergency lighting, LED power and solar lighting.

CDE is moving beyond stocked components by expanding capabilities in standard and custom packages to meet higher voltage and current application requirements. Some solutions use series-parallel banks of capacitor cells with active or passive balancing circuits. Included CDE’s expansion plans are additional personnel and equipment for the advanced testing of these devices.

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