Flex Power Modules adds telecom version to BMR480 DC-DC converter series

• Wide input voltage range of 36V to 60V enables use in telecom applications • Output voltage of 12V
• Output power and current up to 800W/69A
• High efficiency of typically 96.4% at 53Vout

Flex Power Modules introduces a new version of its BMR480 digital DC-DC converter, optimized for telecom applications that require input voltage down to 36Vin.

The converter, called the BMR480 0113/034, provides an extended input voltage range below 40Vin, as required for telecom power conversion applications. It is optimized for a wider input voltage range of 36Vin to 60Vin, compared to the standard converters in the BMR480 series.

The new version also has an output voltage of 12V, which is a common requirement for telecom, and output power up to 800W (output current up to 69A). It provides 1500VDC input-to-output isolation.

Olle Hellgren, Director of Product Management and Business Development at Flex Power Modules, said: “Telecom applications have specific requirements, and with this new version, we’re delivering what customers in this sector need – while still offering them the proven efficiency, reliability and performance of our existing BMR480 series.”

Compared to other solutions on the market, the BMR480 telecom version delivers superior thermal performance, with efficiency of typically 96.4% at 53V output voltage and half load. Thermal performance is enhanced by a baseplate, which can be connected to a heatsink or cold plate, and the converter has an extended operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

The converter provides droop load-sharing capability and monotonic start-up, and it offers protection against output over-voltage and short-circuits, and against over-temperature. Reliability is high, with a mean time between failures (MTBF) of over 6 million hours, and quality is ensured by Flex Power Modules’ highly automated manufacturing processes.

Existing models in the BMR480 series are targeted at high-power datacom applications, including intermediate bus conversion (IBC), dynamic bus voltage (DBV) and distributed power architectures (DPAs). More than 15 patents have been filed in relation to the BMR480 family, many directly related to improving efficiency.

The BMR480 telecom version is provided in an industry-standard low-profile quarter-brick form factor, measuring 58.4 x 36.8 x 14.48mm (2.30 x 1.45 x 0.57in).

The technical specification for the new BMR480 is available at https://flex.com/-/media/Project/Flex/BrandSite/technology/power/power_modules/Digital_DCDC/FPM-TechSpec-BMR480-Vin36-60-800W.pdf

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